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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 21, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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with sean spicer and reince priebus up next. stay with us. ♪ >> sean: tonight. >> i would like to read a statement from the president on the resignation of sean spicer. >> sean: change comesou to the white house. press secretary sean spicer resigned. >> he is a true american patriot. he is a military serviceman. he has a great family. he has done an amazinger job. >> sean: and anthony scaramucci is named communications director. >> as candidates i would like to be with you guys. it feels like there is a lot of media bias. >> sean: how all these moves impact the trump administration? >> there has been some speculation about me and priebus. we are a little bit like brothers, but we were up each other up a little bit. >> sean: sean spicer and reince priebus will join us tonight in two exclusive interviews. "hannity" starts right here, right now.eaoin
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this is a fox news welcome to "hannity" on this major breaking news night. press secretary sean spicer, and white house chief of staff reince priebus will be joining us in exclusive interviews tonight. also buchanan, jeanine o pirro, ari fleischer are here with reaction paid by john roberts, standing by the latest on the changes to the president's communications team. >> good evening tos you. this has been going on for months, coming together over the last 24 hours. no question, no secret that the president was notom really thrilled with his communications team. anthony scaramucci was supposed to be headed to paris toe become the ambassador to thee organization for economic development, but he came to see the president yesterday. the two started talking about communications. president trump said, hey, why don't you be my communications director? i love to come to the west wing. so the president made the decision tove have scaramucci go into the job, told stephen
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bannon, reince priebus about it. a lot of blowback from them. a bloodbath over the night and into the morning when scaramucci came back to talk to the president about it. he gave him the job, immediately after that, sean spicer, thek press secretary seeing the writing on the wall more than anything, or the idea that he thought the president is going to make a change, he probably was not going to be part of the future. so we took the opportunity to resign. now scaramucci has obviously a big job in front of him, because there is no secret that the white house has been listing severely from an agenda that has been somewhat stalled, seen by the russian investigation, and a president who keeps going off of message at inopportune times. so i put the question to him this afternoon, what he is going to do to try to fix it, listen here.m >> i think that that shape is i going in the right direction, ia think that we have to radio signal the direction very, very clearly. the navy seals would tell you if you want to eat an elephant
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you have to eat it one bite at a time. me and sarah will do that together. >> pushed back from stephen bannon and reince priebus, sean spicer was not particularly thrilled about the idea that the president was bringing in a new director that had been discussed with no one other than the president. scaramucci did have a couple of powerful advocates but i'm told that ivanka trump and jareded kushner were on board bringing them in. >> sean: also in washington is ed henry, he has a full report on the new white house communications director anthony scaramucci. no stranger to the program, ed. >> no stranger to the presidentc hailing from new york, anthony scaramucci, somebody well known on street. and someone who for those shrewd skills has tried to keep the ego in check. in fact, his first briefing at the white house podium quoted a mentor on wall street saying, you need to grow in your jobs, not swell. so scaramucci trying to say that
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he wants to keep all of this in check and focus on the president, not himself. and an interesting very quick to apologize to the president per basically betting on the wrong horse back in the 2016 campaign. remember that scaramucci had first backed scott walker, dan jed bush had some harsh comments about then candidate donald obviously on board and made it clear that he has an audience of one at these briefings when he spoke directly to the president. spoke directly to the president. watch. >> one of the biggest mistakes that i made was that i was an unexperienced person in the politics. i was supporting another candidate. i should have never said that about him. he is a president, if you are listening, i personally apologize for the 50th time for saying that. that is a wonderful thing about the news media, 3 minutes of my life. he has never forgotten it, you have never forgotten it. i hope some day, mr. president, you will forget it. >> the biggest challenge ahead is that neither of them have governing experience.
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he is going to have to make sure that he can rise to the occasion. he has a quality that this president values, that he is a fighter. >> sean: ed henry, thank you for being with q us. an exclusive interview, the outgoing white house press secretary sean spicer. i guess after tonight you are probably going to be one happy guy? just guessing. >> it has been an honor and privilege to serve the president in this country but i will never be able to think the president enough for what he has been able to allow me to do. and i have the great opportunity to have some tremendous folks on a team here that work tirelessly to promote the president's agenda. i am leaving it in capable hands with both anthony and sarah sanders who has been a tremendous partner and will continue for the president in the country with a great job. >> sean: walk us through what happened, and from what i understand, the president did not want you to go, tell us what happened?pp >> he did not. he has been gracious through the
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>> he wanted to bring in some new folks to rev up communications operation. after reflection, my recommendation was that i give anthony and sara clean state to start from. so that they can talk about the president's agenda and help move it forward. and he after some back and forth understood that the offer i was making was in the best interest of this administration. i think him for the opportunity, and i'm looking forward to watching anthony and sarah do a tremendous job. >> sean: walk us through to the extent that you can share, the conversation that you went in and you said, you want to give them a clean slate, give us a little bit of the back and forth between you y and the president today in the oval office. >> i will say this but i've never revealed private conversations that have been privy to the president. >> sean: but you will do it now? >> [laughs] >> sean: you are on your way out, you might as well. >> i'm on my way out, why not? as i said, i went and talked to
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the president -- with anthony and sarah, about what the president's desires were, and i said, sir, i have had the opportunity to think about this. the best interest of this administration that i give the two individuals the opportunity to operate without me in the way. so that they have a fresh start, i am not looking over them, and that is in the best interest of the organization, the administration and of his presidency. and so, again, there was a bit of a back-and-forth. graciousunbelievably individual. he wanted to make sure that i thought that was in the best interest of myself as well. he is always thinking of others. i assured him that i would be just fine. he assured me that he will be ai supportive as he always has been. i told him i would stay on for a few weeks to ensure a smooth transition.pp he accepted that. we kept working hard to advance his agenda. >> sean: did you feel in any way that your role had been diminished?
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you started sharing the podium huckabee sanders, anthony scaramucci comes in, did it feel in any way that this was against you? did you feel you are pushed out in anyway? was thisre was just totally your decision? >> as you mention, the president obviously wanted to add to theis team more than anything. i think it was in the best interest of our communications department, the press organization to not have too many cooks in the kitchen. and so, i think that is a good quality. they need the team here that works so hard, so tirelessly to advance the president's agenda.. they needed to clear leadership. and i thought it would be a bit confusing having additionale people at the top. i wanted to move on to give both anthony and sarah the clear lane. in each of their respective areas. but look, we have been working tirelessly trying to advance the agenda. there are a lot of people here doing a lot of amazing work on the digital side on the research side. on the press operation
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regionally. we had a very successful made in america week this week. p regarding over millions of impressions of the amazing things, products that are coming from around the country. the president is working hard to keep and grow the manufacturing base around the country. so there is so muchp to be done. and we have had two additionally talented people who will continue to lead the effort forward. >> sean: let me ask you about your perspective being on theo and i have known tony snow, our own dana perino, and from your o perspective of being up there, the state of the media. we have the fake news, we have had phony stories, theyhe get advance, they blow up. russia, russia obsession. what is your assessment six months and a day deciding to step down of the media? >> i think that most people are not privy to how stories are developed and what stories make
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it to the front page, the mainstream media whether in print or broadcast, i think they would be shocked and disappointed to see some of the bias that exists in some of the stories that do not get told, or the manner s in which they are told. i was increasingly disappointed in how so many members of the media do their job or rather don't do their job. the bias which they come from, and as i mentioned a while ago, it has become a click bait mentality with the reporters where they are concerned with their clip or their click then they are with the truth and the facts. >> sean: you know, this is very interesting to me, because i've watched and witnessed some of these exchanges. and i know that there has been an effort to change a little bit of the rules inside the white house briefing room, and one of them was, maybe we are not going to do everything on camera. maybe the person at home, the average person at home does not quite understand that when those guys get their moment, their ideas to get into as a contentious battle with you as i can, 9 out of 10 times, that'sm
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what airs that night, they are not looking for news. they are looking for their moment? is that a fair assessment? or am i being unfair? >> that is a very fair assessment. i don't want to paint everybody with the same brush, but you are very accurate in the majority of folks who are in the briefing room that are owing to journalism. they are not there for the facts or the pursuit of the truth, rather they are trying to figure out, how do i get on tv? how am i a youtube star, and that is disappointing. there are some good reporters that spend time getting to knowg to learn the facts, to get the story out. they should be rewarded. they should beo praised for thr journalism. it is not about easy, hard, right. it is about being right pay to get the facts right. to get the story right. and inform the viewership. there are some reporters i do that. t by and large we are seeing more and more about that click or the clip. >> sean: i have to imagine that these are extraordinary
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difficult times because the media has been so obsessed with russia. i am a talk show host. i have opinions. h i'm not a traditional journalist but i have been called an advocacy journalist. when i look at the ukraine and the influence that they try to have on the election as long as it is helping the democrats, that does not get that much play or the iranian one deal which i would argue is a really big russia, vladimir putin scandal, they did not care about that in the media.ra and a whole variety of other issues that i can bring up here. do you think that that by and large for the american people, you being on the podium, do you think conservatives like myself, when we say there is a media bias, a very, very distinct bias, their obsession with russia? am i right? am i in the middle?er are they right? >> i think you are right. there is a majority of folks -- there is a bias, but a m washington mentality.
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i'm very proud of the fact that we brought a lot of new voices into the briefing room weather through skype or getting talk radio show host here. allowing people to understandhe that the stories that we are hearing from around the country from one coast to another are not necessarily the stories in the issues that are being covered by folks here in washington. we find that when the president goes on the road, we talk about an issue and do regional media days, the questions and the issues that are concerned to everyday americans are not nearly what they are for the folks, the pack mentality that exists in the briefing room at the white house. for those people they get trapped in the washington, d.c., media bubble. >> sean: i want to ask you this, i think that i have a missing chip. that will be a great headline, hannity admits he has a missing chip, because they love to cove the media stories. but i don't care what other people think about me. was it hard for you when "saturday night live" will go after you?u? or other people, late-night comics would attack you? y
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i asked this one time, i remember your answer distantly, but i will ask you before the audience. was that hard to have a sense of humor about it? did i bother you in anyway? >> i am a prankster. like a goodt, i joke. when it is funny, it is funny. you have to laugh at yourself. you have too -- >> sean: "saturday night live" funding? did you like it? f f >> there is a lot of it that was over the line. it was not funny. it was stupid, silly, malicious? but there are some skits that i've seen on late-night television that i had to crack up so sometimes it can be funny, some of the memes you have to laugh at yourself a little bit. but there are times when he goee from funny to me in. there is a difference when it happens. and to your point, yes, you have to have a thick skin if you're going to do this. >> sean: you cannot be in the public eye, taking on a roll like that if you don't, but have you thought a little bit about your future, was a sudden for
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you? >> i've always had that i was serving at the pleasure of the president. >> sean: the president wanted you to stay? >> he does. and we had a robust agenda. doing so many things on behalf of the country that it was. always about advancing that. i am looking forward. my family has made a tremendous sacrifice for me to have this honor. i'm looking forward to spending a lot of time with my kids, my wife who has been unbelievably supportive to give me the amazing opportunity that the president has allowed me to have. >> sean: have you been thinking about this for a while? >> >> sean: so it was really sudden? >> well, i knew what the right thing to do was. i have a pretty good compass, and i knew that it was in the best interest of not only myself, but for the president and the administration to step aside and let anthony and sarah lead the team. i knew right away that that was what was best for this president, for this country, for the administration, and so i follow that path. stillness question, and probably
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the most important question. are the american people being served by the media in this country? or is there a disservice to them? >> i would not painted with a broad brush, sean. some yes, some reporters yes, but in a lot of cases, the answer is no. >> sean: sean spicer, wes, wish you well, not an easy job that you took. i remember telling you that at the beginning, said, are you sure that you want that job? be careful what you ask for. >> thank you. i have no regrets. i cannot think the president enough for this unbelievable honor and i am going -- i will always be grateful for that! >> sean: i hope you still come on with us but we wantwa your te on the events of the day. thank you for being withth us. coming up, we will have an exclusive interview with the white house chief of staff reince priebus. and patrick j. buchanan weighs in on all of the breaking news, anthony scaramucci now the white house communications director.
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that and more tonight on "hannity." >> the president has really good karma. generally a wonderful human being. and the members of congress get to know him better, get comfortable with him, they are him him going to let him lead them the right things for the american people. him i think we will get the health care done.g and the tax reform done. him him and whatever else is on the president's agenda. we are going to work very, very closely to get it all done and make it happen. ♪ him him him liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. him when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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10:22 pm
and i know you and i knew him. i knew it was a lie. and i was like, this is so typical! >> not only that, but when i first came into the rnc, anthony was one of the regional finance chairman. we have done a lot of things r together. he was scott walker's finance chairman in wisconsin. he may have seen the clip, i almost worked for anthony after the -- >> sean: i want to go back to that. what were you thinking not working with scaramucci, because he knew how to make money? what were you thinking? >> he did. and it was a great offer. but he was a close friend. i just started at the rnc, it was after the romney lost, and i knew that there was so much that we could get done at the rnc, and obviously i was still going to be working hard and it was
10:23 pm
great that we did, because obviously we are able to build in the rnc and work with president trump and making sure that we won the election in 2016. he is doing great things. and i think it is a good day for president trump. getting a person in that is a comms director that he believes in. really a fresh start is a good thing. sean did a great job. he is a dear friend as everybody knows. it is good to start fresh. so sean gets to start fresh. anthony gets to start fresh. and most importantly, the president gets to start fresh. that is a good thing.. >> sean: you are close withmp sean you guys worked at the rnca together. i've known you both for a long sean says he did not spend a lot of time thinking aboutow it. but it came to him, and he felt it was the right thing to do. the president tried to keep him. was that a hard day for you on a personal level because you were so close to them? >> yes, but i also know how the president operates. him him him him
10:24 pm
and to look at people that were around the president, might not be working for many more, and he is still very close to those people. g they are very important to the president. so sean leaving does not mean that sean is not going to be out there supporting president trump. it does not mean that president trump is not going to be supporting sean spicer. so i've seen how the world around the president works. and it is very healthy. he cares about his people. and the most important thing is that his people know that he cares about his people. and so there are some times where we have disagreements, but it does not mean that there is not intense loyalty that goes both directions. that's a good quality. >> sean: because you are so close to them, not an easy position for anybody. i know a lot of people that serve as press ioy secretary. it is a brutal job. no amount of money that you could ever pay me. not that anybody would ever want me, reince. but you watch sean, and sadly for him, he had to go through a lot. and late night comics. you go through the same thing. i've been through the same thing. "saturday night live," was a painful at times for you to watch her friend get hit so hard may be at times? in dealing with the press corps?
10:25 pm
>> yes, at times i think it ises over-the-top. a saturday night life is so far over the top that perhaps they should give equal time to another opinion. i think that sean said it best earlier. the president knows this. antonino knows this. so does sarah. you do these types of jobs. and you do get so thick-skinned that people have a hard time believing it. you don't even read the articles after a while. you don't care what some of this stuff says, because you know it is garbage. you become conditioned to the iss,garbage. you have to go with the good, honest reporters. and there are a lot out there that want to report the truth. they play it straight. and you have to reward those people with the interviews and the things you can go out. >> sean: i know there are a lot of conservatives like myself, we see the movement on judges, their improvement at the border, so many obama error
10:26 pm
regulations that have gone. he has put forward his plans. there has been in my way a lack of urgency in the congress. not moving fast enough for my satisfaction. we see that they ran into a roadblock in the house, able to overcome it.ti but now the roadblock in repealing and replacing obamacare. after seven years, every conservative i know is throwing up their hands saying, what is the problem? >> it is time for the party to lead on health care. they did a good job in the house, but now time for the senate to get this thing done. either this week, or soon after. but you look at what the president has done, and that the regulation you look at theon realignment in foreign policy. the optimism on jobs, and you look at theig unemployment rate. you look at trade, the amount of work and accomplishments that the president has put forward, check the boxes. it is staggering. and the press secretary said it
10:27 pm
well today, time to start getting some of that word out there. but also get the credit that he so rightfully deserves. this is a good day to start that process and start fresh. >> sean: last question, probably the most important. we have a lot on the media was sean spicer. but from my perspective, that congress by the end of this year, they have to get the health care issue done. they have to get the border wall, the beginning of construction. they have to get the corporate middle-class tax rates, patriot and money, energy independence, i believe it creates millions of high paying career jobs, are you confident with all your discussions with congress that all of that is done by stay around thanksgiving, the end of the year? >> i think certainly by the end of the year. you have to get the budget done. we have the that issue, health care, and tax are formed. and then we need to get started on infrastructure. those are the things that president trump cares the most about.
10:28 pm
those are the things that he talks about every day. and yes, the leadership in the house and the senate, they are working hard too. we appreciate their partnership. we have to get results done for the american people. we have a house in the senate, we wish we had 60 votes, but wey have the house, the senate, the president that works harder than anyone that i've ever seen. i often joke that my secret formula has always been that i thought i could outwork anybody. i've met my match with president trump. he is working hard for the american people.rk m the people out in wisconsin and michigan and ohio, they know that. we talked to the state chairmen around the country that are in the party. president trump is popular around there across the country. obviously the bubble here in washington, d.c., is tough to deal with, but working hard, rolling up the sleeves, having good partnerships in the house and the senate, the president that works harder than anyone else, that's how we are going to get it done. >> sean: the americans are happier than they have ever been. the lowest number of people, as i understand on food stamps in
10:29 pm
seven years. and reporting today, $4 trillion in wealth created since the president took office. you don't hear about that on the fake news networks.. >> you look at mines opening up, miners going back to work.rk you look at all sectors of the economy, people are feelinges better that actual people are participating in getting into the workforce improving for the first time in a long time. so it is not just the unemployment rate that is better, it's a fact that people are going back to work and the net numbers arepl getting bette. that's where people need to look at it. so stock market is up, jobs aree getting better. it is the beginning. and most importantly, people are feeling positive in the force. goingeel like tomorrow is to be a better day. and that is really important when you look at the future under president trump. >> sean: all right, reince priebus. thank you for taking time. more on the major breaking news night, patrick j. buchanan is here with reaction to the
10:30 pm
exclusive interviews was sean spicer and reince priebus. also ari fleischer, he was behind the podium, and jeanine pirro, here to weigh in. the changes at the white house and so much more. tonight as "hannity" continues. >> i have empathy for journalists and things that are going to get wrong, but i don't like the fake news, and if you said to me that there is some media bias out there, you want me to be as candid as i would t like to be, it feels like there is a little bit of media bias. as to what we are hoping we can do is de-escalate that and turn it around. let them get the message from the president out there to the american people. ♪ red a military discount every month for over a decade. we thank you, veterans,
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>> a new year, outreach protesters tonight minneapolis at a news conference held by the mayor there. the mayor held that event to discuss the resignation of the police chief. the mayor asked jenae harter to resign friday saying she lost confidence in the chief after last week's shooting death of an unarmed australian woman by a police officer. shot by officer muhammad nor. police say she called to report a sexual assault. the state is still investigating the shooting. senator john mccain's treatment for brain cancer could keep him out of washington for weeks. maybe even months. likely without objection, congress has a long-standing tradition in which no one questions ailing lawmakers taking time to recover. taking up to a year or more to recover. now back to hannity for all your headlines, log on to for it have a great friday. >> sean: from what i understand, the reports are that the president did not want you
10:36 pm
to go. tell us what happened. >> he did not. he has been generous throughout the process. he wanted to bring new folks and to rev up the communications process, and my decision was to recommend to the president that i give antony and sarah a clean slate to start from. so that they could talk about the president's agenda and help move it forward. and he after some back and forth understood that the offer that i was making was something that was in the best interest of this administration. i thanked him for the opportunity. and i'm looking forward to watching anthony and sarah do a tremendous job. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity," the out outgoing press secretary, he is the original insurgent, author of "nixon's white house wars" patrick j. buchanan. you work in the nixon administration. the reagan administration, do you ever see it this bad? the media list of abusive bias, correct, i've never seen it this bad?
10:37 pm
>> first i thought sean spicer was very gracious in his departure. but to let me tell you, this is as bad as it was in thehe final days of watergate with richard nixon. though tremendous hostility of the press, the media, any of those press conference looking like things were in the forum, and i think the real problem here is that the president senses that the 80 you are the enemy, and i think the media if you watch all three networks and the major networks of the press, and the media are as hostile to this president as i have seen to any president candidate in my lifetime. >> sean: so what does he do, pat?a you know how hard it is inside that house, and you see them media acting this way, what do you do? >> i tell you what is coming, and i think that the president senses with regard to mueller and special counsel, he senses that these folks are coming after him. i believe they are.
10:38 pm
they are coming after his campaign, his family, and coming after him. they have investigators and prosecutors who are really steeped in white-collar crime, and the rest of it. what is going to happen, sean, is this. mr. mueller isol going to make demand after demand after demand. he will get some, and then the president is going to say, "no. more." that's what happened and watergate and the massacre, a difference between mueller and the president of the united states. >> sean: he hired hillary clinton's attorney? he hired all of the donors to the democrats, he is best friends with comey, leakingng government information.em classified information to "the new york times" to get a special counsel. these are not normal times here, pat. >> sean, archie cox was a kennedy man. teddy kennedy was at the swearing in of the first 11 guys
10:39 pm
he hired were ex-kennedy mcgovern staff and aides. we knew that what that was, and i agree with you. i do think that the special counsel's office is targeting the president. i think that they are going to go on and on and rolled over one rock after another after another until the president says, i have had enough. then we are right on a the roadf a familiar one to make with the saturday night massacre. >> sean: are you saying that this president could be eimpeached? >> what i am saying is that i think he is going to have a confrontation with mueller. however, i don't think that the president of the united states has the authority to fire him. the deputy general has, he would not do that. t the attorney general has recused himself. he can get somebody to fire him if it comes down to that. but let me tell you, during thed saturday night massacre, we try to shut down the special
10:40 pm
prosecutor's office, and they revived it and got a new special prosecutor. i'm looking at the confrontation here. and unless i am mistaken, they are going to have something on the president and his family, he is going to go after mr. mueller. you are going to have a real confrontation as i told you about a week ago, i don't see how this will work? >> sean: is a solid foundation only based on the fact that jeff sessions recused himself. i don't think you should have, myself. i've great reset backed -- respect. >> let me say this. i admire respect, and senator jeff sessions. i think he is a courageous guy. he deserved better than his treatment in "the new york times."ve but i agree with you on this, sean, they should never have appointed the special prosecutor. that is a machine that is established that grows, it is lethal. it can become unfriendly.
10:41 pm
and it becomes part of the white house and the west wing it has happened three or four times. t go ahead. >> sean: i have been warning about the investigative creep. you feel about the mission creep. now we have investigative creed. look at patrick fitzgerald. he starts out. he knew one day one who the leaker was, and he continued tov investigate and three years later, because he would not givy up the vice president on a perjury charge. that's where we ended up here. >> i tend to agree with you. you are right. >> sean: patrick j. buchanan e, thank you. >> from their standpoint, they are not overreaching. >> sean: from their standpoint, perjury traps, that is not overreaching, okay?ea and where is the investigation into hillary? where's the investigation into the can the conspiracy with ukraine, uranium one, or destroying the documents?
10:42 pm
>> the folks in this town have got the scent of blood in their nostrils. they are targeted on the west wing.ce they don't care about hillary anymore. if she were president, they would be going after her. >> sean: well, i am not so sure about that, pat. but i do think that you might be onto something. i think that mueller -- >> it is the nature of the media. >> sean: the nature of the media, weak democrats. more reaction to the exclusive interviews with sean spicer. let me get to you first to respond to pat buchanan. t because that was a pretty dire analysis, and i do believe that mueller is way out there. multiple conflicts of interest. hiring hillary's attorney pitted democratic donors, and i don't see one republican hired. >> you know, sean if we use the same standards for robert mueller that the attorney
10:43 pm
general used for himself, mueller would have recused himself, so his relationship with comey whose credibility he has to assess as opposed to the president's credibility, that relationship immediately prevents him from being objective. not even talking about the attorneys who he is bringing in, pro-hillary people, proclaimed him foundation people. >> sean: is pat buchanan right, they are blood in their nostrils? >> without a doubt.y no doubt that they have blood in their nostrils. this is about destroyingng donald trump. his family, his children. >> sean: can they succeed? n >> it depends on who they want to give some, may be bend the rules a little bit or give someone immunity so that they turn around and go after the president.e you can make anything look bad. and patrick fitzgerald, patrickk
10:44 pm
fitzgerald was gunning for somebody, anybody when he did not get what he wanted, he turned around and went after other people. there is a mandate for this h special prosecutor. a they are beyond it. >> sean: i will get to the sean spicer issue. you know better than anybody how tough it is to be behind the podium, what is your reaction to this? >> i hope pat is it will be terrible for theis nation if it gets to that point. i'm not sure donald trump can sustain a saturday night massacre. frankly if you are donald trump, what you want is bob mueller to look at this neutrally, and then come out and say, there was no collusion. if that happens, donald trump is home free. and if that happens from the hands of bob mueller, all of the critics have egg on their face. that's what you want to cheer for. >> sean: i will take the egg, but do you agree with me and the judge and pat that it seems a w little bit odd to hire hillary clinton's attorney and all of
10:45 pm
these obama and clinton and democratic donors? >> yes, i respect bob mueller. he is a fair and impartial man. he made a mistake and is hiring. i said that when the story came out. he understands how washington works but he should not have hired people who are democratic donors ord balance on his team. but to hire people who are predominantly hillary donors, democratic donors is problematic. if it was not for my respect of bob mueller fundamentally, i would say that is disqualifying. i do respect to mueller. >> what does that tell you what you just said? what you just said was based upon what mueller has done in who he is putting on the team, s who's your own negative inference. because of the old reputation as a good guy, then that overcomes the reality of what he is doing fenow? >> it's not that he is a good guy. it's that he is an impartial man. i believe and impartial man can say to a democrat or republican donor, i will watch you. we are doing it straight down
10:46 pm
the middle. that's whatia i believe bob mueller would do. he would be far better off if he did not hire people whot created the reality problem. >> sean: guys, stay right there. ari fleischer, judge pirro and we will get more reaction and exclusive interviews with sean spicer and reince priebus, that on the big breaking news night tonight on "hannity." ♪ [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you now that the summer of audi sales event is here.
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>> i think when it is funny, it is funny.n you have to laugh at yourself -- >> sean: "saturday night live" planning? did you like it or did it bother you? it was not funny. it was stupid, silly, malicious. but some skits i've seen on late-night television that i have to crack up at., so sometimes it can be funny, some of the memes you have to laugh at yourself a little bit. but there are times when it goes from funny to mean. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity," more of the exclusive interview with sean spicer. we continue now with ari fleischer, jeanine pirro.
10:51 pm
no one would ever hire me and that's a job, i'm not suited for it like you are. -- >> it is a fun job. >> sean: i do admire you guys, with wow, i felt bad for sean he got the crap beat out of him and he is a gracious guy. >> tough job, it's tougher when you do it for donald trump. he does not do things the traditionalt' way. so you get squeezed when you are the press secretary. and sean has taken the high road. that isd good to see. good for him and his family. i do have to point out that there is another thing that i think they read between the lines. it was increasingly clear that he was going to be a man without a there was going to be a new press secretary, and what would sean be doing? that's what he was getting at wheny, he was head if he was hired, you make these changes coming to rev up communications, i won't have a role, and it is confusing to have me around.
10:52 pm
i think that's what it ultimately came down to. >> sean: i was asking him if you have ever seen it this bad, and pat was talking about it, i've seen it. i've never witnessed such outright hostility, vitriol, one sidedness, that the media is showing this president. >> do you remember when donald trump declared his presidency, "the huffington post" said they would only cover him in the entertainment section. that was a pattern right from the day he announced. and it was an amazing pattern where every time trump would do something, critics would jump on it. but much of the republican electorate, and overall electorate caught up with it. every now and then you see them go to the heartland and do some interviews with people they would typically not quote, trying to do a little bit more of that. but the press estate, and they really did have a hostility for donald trump at the beginning. he has returned the hostility as well. it has gotten worse. >> sean: i really think this is a witch hunt.
10:53 pm
i honestly believe that pat buchanan is right. they have the smell of blood in their nostrils, and i don't think it ever stops in between the fake news, proven falsehoods that they have pushed out with such breathlessness. judge, i've never seenn it this bad. i don't think it ever stops for the entire time that he is president. >> you know,r ari was talking about with "the huffington post." when i realized it was going to be this bad was on k inauguration day when i was in washington, d.c. and saw hundreds of thousands of people who literally hated the president of the united states could and that has not changed. but here's the thing, to be the press secretary, you have to be tough. if someone is in politics, you run for office, you are kind of use to you know you are going toto take the hits. you know you need to have a hard shell for a skin. a but someone who has not done it before, very, very tough pay to make no mistake, sean, these prosecutors right now, special
10:54 pm
counsel, i call them prosecutors are in the business of finding a crime. it is no longer a scenario where let's just see if anything was done that we can exonerate. no, they are gunning for someone. but they don't understand is that donald trump is a man who has skin thicker than any of us. but when it comes to his son, his son-in-law, his family, that is when the president of the united states is really going to take them on and possibly have a big night. >> sean: last question, we don't have a lot of time. if you are toav advise the president agreeing that it is more hostile than ever, what would you say? >> be smart about what you do. be cautious in your tweets to the point where you do not put out a tweet that ends up hurting yourself. my hope with anthony scaramucci and there is that the president will see that he has such an able and gifted communicator in scaramucci, on tv defending him, he will not feel the need tole take it all alone and do it
10:55 pm
himself. he knows scaramucci has his back and he is good at doing it. >> sean: thank you both for being with us. judge, would you like to say something? >> anthony scaramucci is an incredibly articulate person who knows how to fight in the street or the verbally, and he is of tremendous benefit to the president. >> sean: he is also a nicece guy. but he is a and he has a fighter. i think they have their hands full than they imagine. all right, guys, think you both for being with us. when we come back, more "hannity" after this quick break. ♪ taking care of business. laptop setup? yup. but who takes care of dad? office depot, office max. this week, all hp ink, buy one get one 30% off. ♪ taking care of business
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♪ >> sean: wel >> welcome back to hannity. unfortunately that is all the time we have left for this evening. we always promised to be fair ande balanced. we are not the establishment destroy top media. hope you have a great weekend. hope to see you back here on mondayta night. ♪
11:00 pm
♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." as you know doubt know by now, press secretary sean spicer announced his resignation earlier today after a rough six month tenure. just one month after he was promoted into new duties. meanwhile, anthony scaramucci has joined the white house as a communications director. he is the same man who just blotted cnn's nose by forcing them to retract a story linking him to russia. cnn had to fire three producers in the aftermath of that. he spoke to sean hannity following his departure. here's a preview of what that conversation looks like. >> he started sharing